Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: connect in a stored procedure
Author Daniel Rail

At January 15, 2004, 16:19, perevilas wrote:

>> It's already in the feature request.

> Where is the feature request for fb2?.

Here's the link:

For this feature request, I don't see having to connect to the other
DB manually, but it would be done automatically. And, it would be
using the new alias system of FB 1.5.

As for inter-server connections, I would see aliases for those
connections as well. But, the only dilemma would be how to connect
efficiently to the other server. One suggestion was incorporating the
support for JDBC, as a plugin, inside the engine to be able to connect
to other databases/servers, this would also support connections to
RDBMS systems other than Firebird.

None of what was discussed on the Firebird-Architect group is actually
final and is still open for discussion.

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