Subject RE: OT :: HowTo docs was RE: [firebird-support] IB and FB coexist ?
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Brenden,

>> The Howto *is* interesting whether you use Brenden's tool or not. I
>> would like to XML-ize it for our manual module, if Brenden agrees.

> That would be awesome, I'd happily replace the doc with a link to an
> official FAQ on the subject. That document is nearly a brain dump
> from a several day sojourn into the various ways to coexist and
> ramifications thereof.

Right now I've got another Howto to finish, but after that I could
work on yours. I'll contact you when I'm ready to start.

About adding your DBToggler to the Firebird Project: I suppose you
should contact one of the admins, as they are the only ones who can
add modules (iirc). Maybe Dmitri is the one to approach, since he's
in charge of the core coding stuff.

> As long as I've got some way to checkin changes, no problem there.
> The only other problem is that this program is designed to work with
> both IB and FB, which makes it kinda oddd.. And I made no attempt
> to support cross-compiling under *nix, on the other hand creating
> something via a simple shell script in *nix is pretty darned simple
> ;-)

The fact that it's Windows-only (for now) doesn't seem problematic to
me. Maybe later someone else will jump in and make a shell script
implementing the same functionality for Unix. And indeed it's not
"pure" Firebird, but it IS a solution for a problem that Firebird
application developers will sometimes encounter in practice.

Paul Vinkenoog