Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Can't change Not Null -> Null in RC8
Author Martijn Tonies

> > Changing from NULL -> NOT NULL or back is
> > done via a system table update.
> >
> > Exactly why can't you do this? Do you get an
> > error of some sort?
> >
> Sorry I haven't explained properly the situation.
> The metadata update returns Ok, the structure of the table shows the
> change, but I still can't insert (ou update) that column to NULL. It
> seems that there is was a commit missing, but I commited everything
> (as far I know ;)
> The FB returns an error about existing restrintion on that column ***
> null ***.

Disconnect (all connections) and reconnect. I bet it's an internal
Firebird metadata cache thingy.

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