Subject Re: Freepascal UDF date functions no longer work with Firebird 1.5
Author Frank Schlottmann-Gödde
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As it seems that I can't post through atkins, here it is again:

> Hi there,
> I have not been able to get the date functions from the
> freepascal udf library which previously worked with both linux/win32
> Firebird 1.0.3 on my Firebird 1.5RC8 installation.
> In linux the error message is: Error reading data from the connection.
> resulting in a lost database connection and a core file in /tmp.
> Windows fails also.
> I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to modify such
> freepascal UDFs to be compatible with Firebird 1.5.

First of all you should use
select extract( year from cast('01.01.2004' as date)) from rdb$database;
instead of this UDF-Call.

I haven't checked this code for years now, so there probably will be
some more problems around.

Be sure to declare all functions cdecl.

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