Subject Re: Freepascal UDF date functions no longer work with Firebird 1.5
Author wwtresearch
--- In, Frank Schlottmann-Gödde
<fsg@u...> wrote:

> First of all you should use
> select extract( year from cast('01.01.2004' as date)) from
> instead of this UDF-Call.
> I haven't checked this code for years now, so there probably will be
> some more problems around.
> Be sure to declare all functions cdecl.
> Frank

Thanks for your reply Frank.

I also have of my own UDF's written using Freepascal, which I had
hoped to be able to get working again if the problem with standard
date functions could be resolved.

It would seem that FreePascal is not the ideal compiler to use for
Firebird UDFs, so I will now try to rewrite my functions using gcc
(linux and win32).