Subject Re: Re: [firebird-support] Possible bug in RC8 -Finding out size of database through code from client
>From : Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
>To :
>Date : 14/01/2004 9:56:04 AM
>Subject : Re: [firebird-support] Possible bug in RC8 -Finding out size of database through code from client
>The figures you are collecting are the specifications. The algorithm you
>are using will calculate the size at which a file is treated as

This is fair enough. But the behaviour is not consistent across single file and
multi-file databases. In single file the algorithm returns used space and in
multi- file it returns size when full. That is why I feel this is a bug.

>This aint MSSQL server - the disk space isn't pre-allocated. When
>the server needs more space, it will take more. Adding a file merely says
>"Use up to this much space for this file." It really doesn't make sense to
>limit the file size to 1000 pages.
>If you want to know the actual size of a file, take the database off line
>and look at what the OS reports. It's not good doing this while someone is
>logged in because the OS won't update the sizes until the files are
>actually closed (on Windows, at least).

We are trying for REALLY REALLY zero admin. So I want to do all this without
the the end user having to look at the file size etc. Unfortunately my
application may or may not have file system access to the database machine, so
I really would like to do this through the firebird api.

So maybe if it is not a bug maybe it could be treated as a feature request. How
can I log this in as a feature request.


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