Subject Re: OT :: HowTo docs was RE: [firebird-support] IB and FB coexist?
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Brenden, Helen.

>> See
>> I've put together some documenation describing how to do it,
>> there's also a program (Delphi source only, haven't released it
>> yet) that makes it very easy to switch running servers via
>> tray-icon.
>> You'll need to browse the CVS repository
>> ( as there are no
>> official releases yet. The document should explain coexistance
>> well enough.

> It's great that people are interested in writing pieces such as
> this. But why create a new SF project for it? It's going to serve
> everyone best to use a central location and index of HowTos, rather
> than scattering them over multiple projects and websites to be
> discovered by accident.

I don't think he created the project just for the Howto (Brendan -
correct me if I'm wrong). There's the DBServerToggler tool, and a
short coexistence Howto.

It would be nice to have the Toggler as a module in the Firebird
project, but that's entirely up to Brenden of course. Now at least
he's his own boss :-)

The Howto *is* interesting whether you use Brenden's tool or not. I
would like to XML-ize it for our manual module, if Brenden agrees.

Paul Vinkenoog