Subject OT :: HowTo docs was RE: [firebird-support] IB and FB coexist?
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:42 PM 13/01/2004 -0500, Brenden Walker wrote:
>I've put together some documenation describing how to do it, there's also a
>program (Delphi source only, haven't released it yet) that makes it very
>easy to switch running servers via tray-icon.
>You'll need to browse the CVS repository
>( as there are no official
>releases yet. The document should explain coexistance well enough.

To Brenden and others writing HowTos:

It's great that people are interested in writing pieces such as this. But
why create a new SF project for it? It's going to serve everyone best to
use a central location and index of HowTos, rather than scattering them
over multiple projects and websites to be discovered by accident.

The Firebird project has a central documentation project, coordinated by
Paul Vinkenoog. Doc writers are urged to join the firebird-docs list and
make yourselves and your writing projects known.

To join, go here:
or just click-and-send:

BIG NOTE :: Don't join firebird-docs with the purpose of asking support
questions. It is NOT a support list, it's a workers' list.