Subject Re: [firebird-support] gsec - unavailable database
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:36 AM 13/01/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>When I try to run gsec, I get the "unavailable database" message, see
>example below. Evidently firebird can't find the security.fdb file. When I
>specify the database on the command line, gsec works. I also can't connect
>using ISQL - I get the same message.
>I am running 1.5 RC8 on Windows 2000 Server SP3. I have this working on
>another (Windows XP) machine, so I am stumped.
>Thanks in advance for any help.
>C:\firebird1.5\bin>gsec -user sysdba -password masterkey
>unavailable database
>unable to open database

Should work if you have the correct version of gsec. Have you checked that?

If gsec version is correct, inspect your FIREBIRD environment variable and
make sure it is pointing at the Fb root directory (absolute path, server
name not part of string). Same check on the Registry entry.

-- Thought it was worth a mention because you have a non-default root
path. If you ran the install with the defaults and moved stuff *after*
inst*.exe scripts were run, your root directory will have been mislaid.

If you simply copied the files from the "good" machine, you won't have a
complete install.

>C:\firebird1.5\bin>gsec -database endure2:\firebird1.5\security.fdb -user
> -password masterkey
>GSEC> quit

Yup, this works because you used the -database switch (correctly) with a
remote path string.

This combination of conditions strongly suggests a messed-up
install. Everything is there but your environment hasn't been installed
properly. If you discover mismatches, try running instreg.exe. Of course,
you *must* run the correct version of instreg.