Subject Begining to understand "Problems with 2k and SuperServer 1.5 R8"
Author Fabian Chocron
Hi guys,

Today I found the "condition" that generates the problem, however I have no idea yet what is causing this problem.

Situation: Firebird SuperServer goes crazy and starts writing to disk almost withowt stoping, pushing the Processor usage to 75% average, and making the database access too slow. This happens when 1 of the client machines becomes %$@#%@#$. What happens is that somehow the Client's OS becames to Slow to respond, but the TaskManager does not show any problem (processor usage only 10%). When I try to open the "control panel" or the "Network and dial up connections", it takes up to 2 minutes to respond (while processor usage seats between 5 and 15%). I insist this happens on a client side, not on the Super Server side. If I restart the client (shut doen windows), then the Firebird Server stops writing to disk and becames normal again. If I just ignore the problem, the Server's HDD keeps writing for hours without damaging the Database integrity, but slowing down the access.

About the configuration:

Firebird SuperServer 1.5 R8 on Win2k SP4 and all the patches from MS, 640MbRam, 1 processor PIII 850, Lan 10/100, SCSI 20Gig Ultra2, And this server is only running firebird.

Clients: 2 types, the one with the problem is:
Win2K Advance Server, 2 Processors PIII 850, Lan 10/100 (same lan as the server), 640 MBram, EasySoft Unicode ODBC 6 For Interbase/Firebird, Firebird 1.5 R8 Client and utilities installed. This machine runs a software called Clarion App Broker, wich lets people to run applications remotly, so this machine is running about 20 "sessions" of the same software, wich reads and writes to Firebird via ODBC. All the other clients only run 1 session per machine.

I HOPE I EXPLAINED IT SO FAR, PLEASE let me know if it is not clear.


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