Subject Re: [firebird-support] Superserver on Win2K becames too
Author Roland Volkmann
Hello Fabian,

> We use Superserver on Win 2k, from time to time (almost
> every day) the server starts consuming more processor, and
> the response time becames too slow.


> We have:
> PIII 800mhz, SCSI UW2, Superserver, 640Mb ram, Only
> 1 Database with less than 300Mb size. All 40 clients are
> Windows (NT Workstation or 2K or 98) , within a Lan 100Mb
> and we use EasySoft ODBC for Firebird.

which version of Firebird do you use?

What is the actual sweep interval? - I propose to set it to 0 (disable) for a while to
make sure that it's not the garbage collector disturbing you.

With best regards,



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