Subject Superserver on Win2K becames too slow until reseting...
Author Fabian Chocron

I am having some problems, and I could not find the reason yet.

We use Superserver on Win 2k, from time to time (almost every day) the server starts consuming more processor, and the response time becames too slow.

I am thinking to install the classic version as a possible solution because my feeling is that the superserver gets into trouble when 1 of the "threads" goes crazy. So my theory is that using classic server, when 1 thread gets crazy, it will only afect 1 user, and we can kill that process and get rid of the problem.

I read that the Classic version is only for "experiments", and not recommended for Production...

Can someone suggest ideas?

We have:
PIII 800mhz, SCSI UW2, Superserver, 640Mb ram, Only 1 Database with less than 300Mb size. All 40 clients are Windows (NT Workstation or 2K or 98) , within a Lan 100Mb and we use EasySoft ODBC for Firebird.

Many Thanks

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