Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: MS Server 2003 - Still can't get Firebird installed
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:04 AM 28/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >The win32 classic server doesn't support local connections. Use
> > localhost connection instead.
>Not quite sure what you mean here. I have Tcp-NetBios services
>enabled on this server and I'm just trying to connect via IB_Sql. Or
>is this a local TCP connection which is why it doesn't connect.
>Ultimately, I'm trying to connect an ISAPI module that uses IBObjects
>to my Firebird database. BTW, this works just fine under Windows XP
>and MS Advance Server 2000.
> > Does the server run if started as application (fb_inet_server.exe -
> >
>Yes it does! It doesn't die 5 seconds after starting it and no error
>messages are written to the event log. Unfortunately, I still get
>the same error from IB_Sql "Code=335544375 Unavailable database" when
>I try to connect to my database.

Connection string for TCP/IP local loopback is


With IBO, set ib_connection (or ibodatabase) properties as

Server -- localhost
Path -- D:\databasepath\database.fdb
Protocol -- cpTCP_IP

With IBX, I suspect you have to give it the whole string
(localhost:D:\databasepath\database.fdb) in the Databasename property..

Make sure localhost is present in your tcp/ip HOSTS file
(..\winnt\system32\drivers\etc, edit it with Notepad)
Entry should be localhost