Subject Re: MS Server 2003 - Still can't get Firebird installed
Author dcrkt
>The win32 classic server doesn't support local connections. Use
> localhost connection instead.

Not quite sure what you mean here. I have Tcp-NetBios services
enabled on this server and I'm just trying to connect via IB_Sql. Or
is this a local TCP connection which is why it doesn't connect.
Ultimately, I'm trying to connect an ISAPI module that uses IBObjects
to my Firebird database. BTW, this works just fine under Windows XP
and MS Advance Server 2000.

> Does the server run if started as application (fb_inet_server.exe -

Yes it does! It doesn't die 5 seconds after starting it and no error
messages are written to the event log. Unfortunately, I still get
the same error from IB_Sql "Code=335544375 Unavailable database" when
I try to connect to my database.