Subject MS Server 2003 - Still can't get Firebird installed
Author dcrkt
To try and duplicate the errors that I'm seeing at work (where I
don't have 100% control of the server), I downloaded the eval version
of MS Server 2003 and installed it on a new computer.

I then installed the latest 1.5 release of Firebird by unzipping it
into a folder called "C:\Program Files\Firebird". I then ran
the "Install_Classic.bat" file. It said everythin was Ok.

I look in task manager and fbguard and fb_inet_server are both

I copied in a database that I know is Ok into a folder
called "C:\Databases" and copied in IB_Sql into the firebird Bin

Tried to open the database with IS_Sql and I get the
error "Code=335544375 Unavailable database".

This is the same error I get a work. The difference is that fbguard
and fb_inet_server don't even run at work so I assumed that the error
meant that the firebird server isn't running. Firebird quits with
the error "Firebird Server error: 1063, StartServiceCtrlDispatcher
failed." written to the event log.

What have I missed?