Subject Re: DBF migration, ODBC driver help
Author Javier Soques
I used the IBPhoenix ODBC driver with Visual Basic through ADO and it
worked fine. I don´t use VB that much now (moved to serverside
and if I use VB I´ll use my own DLL
( I used to program in FoxPro 2.0 -
2.5 but not anymore. I think VFP can use ADO?

Javier Soques

--- In, "Alvaro Jimenez" <afj@a...>
> Hello all
> I'm evaluating the feasibility of migrating to Firebird a Visual
FoxPro 6
> application that stores data in VFP's native DBF (DBC) format but
access it
> via ODBC. So far, I've found four ODBC drivers: IBPhoenix Open
Source (which
> I believe is for Java only??) and XTG ODBC Driver (which crashes
> I still have to try EasySoft Interbase and Gemini ODBC. Since
nobody in the
> VFP community (that I'm aware of) is going this way, I don't know
> version would be best for my app. I already migrated it to SQL
Server 7 and
> works well, but there're some unexplained (unexplainable?) errors,
> non-repetable and rare: connection hang-ups, spurious data, need to
> server, etc. But really, for the price, either there should be no
errors or
> should be promptly fixed by you-know-who.
> So, I'm asking for any help and comments here: Is anybody using
> Visual FoxPro 6 programs with FB 1.03 via ODBC? What problems did
you found?
> Which ODBC driver works best for stability and speed? What OS is
your FB
> server on, Windows or Linux?
> Of course I'll do my own tests, but since I'm quite, quite new to
FB, I'll
> probably make an error and mistake it for a real problem. Please
don't think
> I'm lazy ;_;
> Thank you very much