Subject DBF migration, ODBC driver help
Author Alvaro Jimenez
Hello all

I'm evaluating the feasibility of migrating to Firebird a Visual FoxPro 6
application that stores data in VFP's native DBF (DBC) format but access it
via ODBC. So far, I've found four ODBC drivers: IBPhoenix Open Source (which
I believe is for Java only??) and XTG ODBC Driver (which crashes everytime).
I still have to try EasySoft Interbase and Gemini ODBC. Since nobody in the
VFP community (that I'm aware of) is going this way, I don't know which
version would be best for my app. I already migrated it to SQL Server 7 and
works well, but there're some unexplained (unexplainable?) errors,
non-repetable and rare: connection hang-ups, spurious data, need to reboot
server, etc. But really, for the price, either there should be no errors or
should be promptly fixed by you-know-who.

So, I'm asking for any help and comments here: Is anybody using sucessfully
Visual FoxPro 6 programs with FB 1.03 via ODBC? What problems did you found?
Which ODBC driver works best for stability and speed? What OS is your FB
server on, Windows or Linux?

Of course I'll do my own tests, but since I'm quite, quite new to FB, I'll
probably make an error and mistake it for a real problem. Please don't think
I'm lazy ;_;

Thank you very much