Subject Re: Stored Proc Problem
Author spencerr99
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 03:11 PM 21/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >Nothing nearly that complicated. This very simple, I have done nothing
> >other than the code I have sent you. All I do is call the generator
> >one time to get the new value. Remember, this code has worked fine for
> >months in Interbase, so it is not something I am doing.
> >
> >Again, if I run this code in IBOConsole (Firebird):
> >
> > select id from newrowid( 'person', 1);
> >
> >I get a return value of say, 79. When I run it again, immediately
> >afterward, I get 81.
> Right, I have just run it on the same version of IBOConsole as you are
> using (newly built,, latest sources, latest version of IBO)
> yes, it does just as you say it does, on 1.5 RC 6. But I am
> connected to the same database with IB_SQL and it behaves properly
> there; and also with isql.
> >The same thing occurs when running it though the
> >Firebird JDBC Interbase driver.
> Firebird doesn't have a JDBC InterBase driver. It has two JDBC
> drivers, named Jaybird (or JBird) - one a Type 4 (released), the
other a
> Type 2 (beta).
> If it is Jaybird you are using, please would you post a report to
> firebird-java, with details of build, etc., as well as details of the
> server you are running.
> >If I run the exact same code in IBConsole (Interbase) and the
> >Interbase JDBC InterClient driver, it works correctly. The problem is
> >clearly in the Firebird code.
> Not in the Firebird code - if it was, it would misbehave the same way
> everywhere, but it doesn't. Something is amiss with IBOConsole.
> You reported you were using:
> Firebird version: WI-V6.2.972 Firebird 1.0.3
> InterClient Version / JDBC driver: InterServer 2.01
> gds32.dll: <------this seems to be a stray: IB 6.5 client?
> fbclient.dll: <---- this is Firebird embedded 1.5 RC 6
> heLen

Aha! I think you are correct. My mistake on the JDBC driver (I was
reporting the results of a previous run). The problem does seem to be
with IBOConsole, not Firebird, nor Jaybird.

Jaybird has some other issues (such as not recognizing the "return
statement" form of a CallableStatement) but as you said, that is for
another day, and another group.

Thanks again for you help.