Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Stored Proc Problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:11 PM 21/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:

>Nothing nearly that complicated. This very simple, I have done nothing
>other than the code I have sent you. All I do is call the generator
>one time to get the new value. Remember, this code has worked fine for
>months in Interbase, so it is not something I am doing.
>Again, if I run this code in IBOConsole (Firebird):
> select id from newrowid( 'person', 1);
>I get a return value of say, 79. When I run it again, immediately
>afterward, I get 81.

Right, I have just run it on the same version of IBOConsole as you are
using (newly built,, latest sources, latest version of IBO) and,
yes, it does just as you say it does, on 1.5 RC 6. But I am simultaneously
connected to the same database with IB_SQL and it behaves properly
there; and also with isql.

>The same thing occurs when running it though the
>Firebird JDBC Interbase driver.

Firebird doesn't have a JDBC InterBase driver. It has two JDBC Firebird
drivers, named Jaybird (or JBird) - one a Type 4 (released), the other a
Type 2 (beta).
If it is Jaybird you are using, please would you post a report to
firebird-java, with details of build, etc., as well as details of the
server you are running.

>If I run the exact same code in IBConsole (Interbase) and the
>Interbase JDBC InterClient driver, it works correctly. The problem is
>clearly in the Firebird code.

Not in the Firebird code - if it was, it would misbehave the same way
everywhere, but it doesn't. Something is amiss with IBOConsole.

You reported you were using:

Firebird version: WI-V6.2.972 Firebird 1.0.3
InterClient Version / JDBC driver: InterServer 2.01
gds32.dll: <------this seems to be a stray: IB 6.5 client?
fbclient.dll: <---- this is Firebird embedded 1.5 RC 6