Subject Re: Stored Proc Problem
Author spencerr99
> Wait a second...let me double check what you are saying:
> You are running first Firebird/IBOConsole/Jaybird combination and
> seeing an increment of 2 in the generator. Then you stop Firebird and
> start Interbase. You then run Interbase/IBConsole/Interclient
> combination and see an increment of 1 in the generator? Is that right?

Sorry to be confusing, here is the exact scenario:

1. Firebird running against a firebird-created database via IBOConsole
- run via IBOConsole (behaves badly)
- run via Jaybird (behaves correctly)

2. Interbase running against an Interbase-created database via IBConsole
- run via IBConsole (behaves correctly)
- run via InterClient (behaves correctly)

> Finally, is this being done using the exact same database instance
> in each case?