Subject Problem in Uninstalling Guardian Service
Author Anand
I downloaded the RC6 version of Firebird and was testing it with
InnoSetup to create a setup for one of my apps. I found that
whenever I try
to install Firebird with a Guardian service, the installation
goes fine, and
I am able to setup the services and get them running too.
However, during
the uninstallation I cannot stop the Guardian service through
code and
cannot cleanly uninstall Firebird as a direct result. I tried
skipping the
Guardian service and just installed the Firebird Server, and it

I am using the command-line utilities instreg.exe and
instsvc.exe to perform
all the jobs related to registering, starting, stopping and
the service. Also I am not rebooting the system any time during
install-uninstall cycle.



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