Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem in Uninstalling Guardian Service
Author Olivier Mascia
Friday 19 Sep 2003, 15:39, Anand écrivait :

> I downloaded the RC6 version of Firebird and was testing it with the
> InnoSetup to create a setup for one of my apps. I found that whenever
> I try to install Firebird with a Guardian service, the installation
> goes fine, and I am able to setup the services and get them running
> too. However, during the uninstallation I cannot stop the Guardian
> service through code and cannot cleanly uninstall Firebird as a direct
> result. I tried skipping the Guardian service and just installed the
> Firebird Server, and it uninstalled perfectly.
> I am using the command-line utilities instreg.exe and instsvc.exe to
> perform all the jobs related to registering, starting, stopping and
> unregistering the service. Also I am not rebooting the system any
> time during the install-uninstall cycle.

I have no known issue (well, not yet) uninstalling the Guardian (which
is automatic by the way). I assume your setup script does not attempt to
do things as :

instsvc remove -g

That was pre-RC6 syntax to remove the guardian. This does not exists
anymore with RC6. A single unique :

instsvc remove

will remove whatever is installed (Guardian + Server or Server only
depending on what is actually installed).

Before calling "instsvc remove", services *must* be stopped, through
"instsvc stop" for instance, which will stop both services.

Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia