Subject Re: [firebird-support] Installing fbserver as an automatic service
Author Olivier Mascia
Thursday 18 Sep 2003, 18:23, Paul Reeves écrivait :

PR> Firstly, I wouldn't bother with RC5. (In fact, why use any release candidate
PR> that is out of date?)
PR> RC6 has improved instreg and instsvc tools. If they are executed on the
PR> commandline you will see the correct syntax for calling them from a batch
PR> file (or InnoSetup). They have changed significantly since RC5, so any work
PR> you do with RC5 will break when you use the newer versions.

What's more Anand, there are indeed switches to set the service as
manual (-d == demand-start) or automatic startup (-a automatic). And for
RC6 the default was changed from 'manual' to 'automatic'.

Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia