Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem with ODBC of ibphoenix
Author Carlos Guzman Alvarez

> I have a problem with the ODBC of ibphoenix.
> In the ODBC of easysoft for example, in the configuration of the ODBC
> one includes the character Set and dialect that you are going to use in
> that conección.
> In the ODBC of ibphoenix do not exist these options reason why I have
> some problems:?
> 1 - The letters “ñÑ”, when not indicating the character Set (ISO8859_1)
> falls in error when I want to do insert with a text that contains ñÑ.
> 2- I cannot read data of a table that has a column of 50 of
> length, leaves the error: “NAME field size is too long (41)".
> Somebody knows as dialect can be configure to the character Seth in this
> ODBC ?

If i'm not wrong this is fixed on 1.1 beta CVS brach of the OdbcJdbc
sources, ask it in the odbc delvel list:


Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez