Subject Safe to use Local Connections?
Author bmorrison_navco
Firebird 1.0.2, NT Workstation

After stumbling across the problem with tcp loopback connections to
Firebird (see Rollover crash thread), I've been forced to re-
evaluate my connections.

Fortunately all my connections are made from the box the database is
on, so using local connections is a possibility. However I seem to
remember that these were considered debug connections and not very
reliable, although I haven't been able to find much recent material
on it.

The way that they will be used is that 4 or more processes will each
have one or more connections to an individual database, with each
connection being created and accessed in it's own thread.

So process 1 may have 3 different connections to database A
process 2 may have 1 connection to database B


The question is will the local connection handle this type of use?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Bill Morrison