Subject Re: still have slow connection
Author Dixon Epperson
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
<iblist@t...> wrote:
> Hi Dixon !
> I assume you are using machine name in the connection string
something like
> "myserver:mypath/mydatabase.fdb"
> Could be a problem of address resolution (DNS) ?
You are correct, I am using the name:myalias configuration as opposed

However, when I ping the name, response time is <10ms and when I ping
the IP, response time is <10ms so that doesn't seem to be an issue,
at least on the surface.

However, a couple of questions.
I let the router assign the database machine a dynamic IP address.
Should I give the database machine a static IP address?

Also, in the LinkSys documentation, it says "do not set the gateway
ip on the client network settings" I had left that blank but have
just now set it to the routers IP address. It will take a little
time to tell if that will help, but again, I'm all ears to any
suggestion that might help