Subject Re: [firebird-support] Execute linux command from stored proc or trigger
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 9/16/2003 02:13 PM (Tuesday), xongabilly wrote:
>Can I execute a linux/unix command from a stored procedure or
>trigger? I want create a linux user after insert on my app_user_table.
>I know it's possible to write a UDF, but I'm looking for something
>like "host" command from Oracle.

I think the most successful, long term solution would be to have a Firebird
event triggered when an insert or update to the table is performed. You
would then have a separate daemon running on the server which having
registered interest in such events performs any outside tasks which are
required. This uses triggers and events appropriately, does not abuse the
UDF mechanism, and does not require Firebird to handle shell access itself.