Subject still have slow connection
Author Dixon Epperson
I've mentioned this here before, but the details of the problem have
changed just a little.

I have firebird 1.5 RC5 on an XPPro machine.
The network is P2P, DHCP, LinkSys type router/switch

the clients on the network are one W2K, two XPPros, and 3 Win98s.
All the clients make a fast connection except the Win98 machines.
Their connections typically happen like this.

The first connection of the day is usually quick.
If I close the client app and restart it within a few minutes, it
generally is quick also. But if a significant period of time passes,
then it takes forever for the client app to connect to the database.

I'm pulling my hair out over this and if you saw a picture, you would
know I can't afford to pull any more hair out. (I'm nearly bald!!

Here are some other facts that may be helpful
database extension is FDB
I am using the aliasing feature in Firebird 1.5.
protocol is TCP/IP
I'm using IBX TIBDatabase, TIBTransaction and TIBSQL

Why would it work so good on W2K and XPPro and so poorly on Win98. I
am pretty sure this is a windows issue, but I can't believe I'm the
only one facing it and was hoping someone could assist me with this.