Subject Minimal FB install for local app use?
Author belangerc94805

Been using Interbase 5.6 for a small utility in a local configuration
for a couple of years, so I have a little (and I mean little!) history
with that product. I'm starting a new project and would like to use
FireBird from the start.

Here's my question and issue:

Since I'll be deploying this utility with a database for use on local
machines only, how complicated do I need to be with the install, i.e.
Registry settings, etc. Could I just skip FBGuard and start up
FBServer directly from my app (put FB in my app's root or known
location relative to the app) and then close it for each time a user
loads my program?

I've downloaded the FB win install and the zip of all the files. I've
looked at the Wise install scrips (my installer of choice).

I appreciate any help.

Chuck Belanger