Subject Firebird on FreeBSD 5.1 Release
Author Javier Soques
Hello, I'm just trying out FreeBSD 5.1 RELEASE and installed Firebird
from the ports collection (I thing version 1.02) and it installed
Firebird in /usr/local/firebird, ok everything fine. But when I try
to execute isql it gives me an error trying to find interbase.msg
file located at /usr/interbase, ok so what I did is create a symbolic
link for /usr/interbase --> /usr/local/firebird and things seem to
work fine now. My question is, was that the best thing to do (the
symlink) or is there any thing to be done with the config file.


BTW, is the Firebird port for FreeBSD keeping up with version 1.5? I
hope so....