Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.03 slow connection with Win2003 server
Author Helen Borrie
Hello Brian,

At 04:37 AM 8/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>The "system protected files" issue only caused a delay the FIRST time
>the .gdb file was connected to. This problem causes a delay EVERY
>time a connection is made. It even introduces the same 10 second
>delay when just connecting to the server with IBConsole, before
>attempting to connect to a database (except isc4.gdb).
>The other difference I noted is that the "system protected files"
>issue caused a lot of disk activity during the delay period. I can't
>see any disk activity here and CPU usage remains near 0%.
>This is not the same problem as we had with XP, I belive it is a new
>Server 2003 problem.
>In response to a similar question Craig Stuntz [TeamB] wrote in
>"This is a known problem with all versions of InterBase prior to IB
>7.1. IB 7.1 was the first version of IB released after Windows Server
>2003, so it's the only version of IB to support it."

To support what, I wonder? If it's not eating CPU time, is there perhaps
some new routing problem with S2003?

Is hyperthreading in your equation? If so, have you tried connecting to
Classic, to see whether the delay is observed with that server? It's
supposed to be not bothered by SMP and hyperthreading...

Just more thoughts, really, no answers.