Subject Re: Firebird 1.03 slow connection with Win2003 server
Author bdunstanau

I think you are referring to the "system protected files" issue that
we experienced with IBServer running on XP. We worked around that
issue by using the .fdb extension as you suggested.

I believe we have a whole new problem here with Windows Server 2003.

Today I have installed IBServer on "Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
Edition" for the first time and am experiencing the slow connection
problem described. And yes, I have read the release notes.

The "system protected files" issue only caused a delay the FIRST time
the .gdb file was connected to. This problem causes a delay EVERY
time a connection is made. It even introduces the same 10 second
delay when just connecting to the server with IBConsole, before
attempting to connect to a database (except isc4.gdb).

The other difference I noted is that the "system protected files"
issue caused a lot of disk activity during the delay period. I can't
see any disk activity here and CPU usage remains near 0%.

This is not the same problem as we had with XP, I belive it is a new
Server 2003 problem.

In response to a similar question Craig Stuntz [TeamB] wrote in

"This is a known problem with all versions of InterBase prior to IB
7.1. IB 7.1 was the first version of IB released after Windows Server
2003, so it's the only version of IB to support it."

Other posts there suggest it is only a problem with multi-processors,
so I have removed my second processor, but the problem remains.

I wonder if this problem exists with FB 1.5?

If anyone has a work around for me I would love to hear it :-)



--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 02:38 PM 5/09/2003 +0000, you wrote:
> >Hello,
> >
> >After upgrade from Win2k Server to Win2003 server, the applications
> >are taking longer to connect (+/- 10sec).
> >Is this a known issue?
> Yes. Read the release notes.
> >Is there any setting on Windows server to solve this?
> I can't give instructions for Win2003 but they will (hopefully) be
> to those given for XP and WinME. Alternatively, rename the
database file
> to have a different extension - current convention is ".fdb" but
it's not
> hard-wired. XP/2003 punishes ".gdb" files on the first client
> by locking them and performing a file-copy.
> >Is there any settings on firebird side (hope so)?
> Yes, it's called GetaPenguinInYourLife. :-)
> >When will FB 1.5 be released for production environment?
> I have heard such rumours. <g>
> heLen