Subject Re: External Tables with Indexes
Author cgar1136
> Yes - see Olivier Mascia's response to your posting - separate
> database. You just need to add another database object to your
> application and connect to it in run-time if and when required -
> you are using proper IB connectivity and not a single-transaction
> such as BDE or DBXpress.

Thanx, but that means that at least one hundred of stored procedures
would become useless because we need the historic table for
calculations and reports and when we can make a single query and get
all the results is really practic, and i dont know if i can make a
query to 2 different DB's using stored procedures in one and a table
in other.... could you send me an example of one of this query's?...
we use IBObjects instead of IBX...

Thanx a lot...

Carlos G