Subject Recommended strategy for FB on WinXP
Author Daniel Berstein
Hi all!

After a disastrous crash at the wrong moment I decided to buy a brand new workstation
for my joy. My old, until now, reliable horse was an Athlon 600 and Windows 2000
Professional. The new beast is an Athlon XP 2000 and Windows XP Home Edition
(don't ask, it came bundled and no money left for XP Pro). My current FB platform is

I'm aware there are issues with the .GDB extension on XP. Is the .FBD (or was it
.FDB?) extension in use in FB 1.5?

I'm very uncomfortable running on RC versions; you really never know for sure if you
encountered a bug or a feature. I'm also uncomfortable with changing XP's system

How stable in terms of codebase do you think is FB 1.5?

Any release date estimation?

Daniel Berstein.