Subject Re: [firebird-support] Gbak
Author Don Gollahon
""Chooi-Ting"" <goonct@...> wrote in message
> however it has stopped writing to
> the backup file(as I can see, the file size and time stamp of the
> backup file is not changed)

It could be doing a sweep at the end of the backup. If so, file size won't
change much if at all during this time. I'm pretty sure that's what ours
was doing when it seemed to "freeze up" . You might try doing backups with
garbage collection turned off just to see if it finishes without this
problem. If it does, then check your secondary indexes to make sure the
duplicate entries are low. Mine were extremely high. Once I fixed them
then I didn't have this backup problem anymore. To fix an index with high
amount of duplicates (find this out doing Index database statistics) you
just add a key field to the end each one that is high. I used a sequence
number field for mine.

Hope this helps.

Don Gollahon