Subject Interesting problem
Author Dixon Epperson
I have a suite of programs. The Firebird db is on a WinXP Pro.
There are about 6 clients, 1 is an XP Pro, 1 a Win2K and the rest are

I added a new WinXP Pro as a client last night. This is on a P4
2.6gh 512, 80g. Nice. At the bios level, I had turned
hyperthreading off. (I had read there were some problems with
Firebird 1.5 and hyperthreading)

My apps erred out, wanted to send an error report to Microsoft and
then unloaded. I build and deploy my apps with packages.

I logged through each step and the error was happening as the
application was initializing the datamodule. I use the IBX
components that come with D7

I could access the firebird from the client using both IBConsole and
IB_SQL. But I couldn't with my applications.

Just as a shot, I turned hyperthreading back on, and my applications
began to work again.

does anyone have any insight into this problem.

btw, I know I need to change the database components I use. I am
considering fIBPlus or IBObjects. If anyone wants to share their
recommendations, what they ran into and the support you might get
from these respective providers, please email me direct. My email is