Subject Re: Why is Windows slow opening some FB/IB DBs ?
Author mrqzzz
--- In, Alan McDonald <alan@m...> wrote:
> > also the old IB before FB started) under WINDOWS ONLY connects for the
> > first time (that is : there are no other users connected) to some
> > specific databases (even if fixed,sweeped, backed up & restored), the
> > connection can take up to 2 minutes, the disk seems really busy, and
> > the CPU shows "Idle :99%".
> Are you saying that it only happens to certain databases?
> Alan

Yes, only on certain... and i cannot understant what makes the
difference between the databases. I noticed that it happens when the
DB has more than 10 or 12 tables and has Fks. Note i am using only 1
field as Pk for the tables... so nothing wierd should be there...

Any ideas?