Subject Re: Determine that it's a firebird database
Author Svein Erling
Well, I guess that if you are able to prepare the statement
"SELECT 'JONAS' FROM RDB$DATABASE" then you know that you are dealing with a Firebird or InterBase database (I guess it is theoretically possible to create such a table in most databases, but it is unlikely that someone names a table like this by accident. In Firebird/InterBase this table always contains exactly one record).


--- In, "Datatal AB - Gauffin, Jonas" <jonas@d...> wrote:
> Hello
> How can I determine that the database is firebird by running a sql
> query?
> I tried the SHOW SQL DIALECT command since it's unique for firebird, but
> it didnt work.
> Im developing support for firebird and since firebird uses generators
> instead of autoincrement fields I need to detect that it's a FB database
> and adapt the queries to it.
> Thanks,
> Jonas