Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 over VPN
Author Pete Bray
> Has anyone experience using a client, written in Delphi 7, with
> Firebird as the backend over a vpn connection.

I've used delphi 4, and IB6 but the behaviour should be the same

> My customer has multiple warehouses. He wants to connect to the
> centralized database from both the LAN and WAN. Also he wants to be
> able to take his laptop with him on the road, connect via the
> internet, etc.. . .
> I would appreciate any advise based on prior experience.
> Dixon

we've tried a variety of solutions, using Putty (freeware ssh client),
SecureCRT (commercial ssh client), CygWin (ssh server which runs on win32),
a linux ssh gateway to a w2k machine, and VPN. They all worked fine, however
the VPN solution seemed to run slower (we think due to more traffic
overhead). Putty and SecureCRT allow optional compression which benefitted
our application a lot as it passes quite a lot of VarChars around (which are
padded out during transmission).

Kind regards,