Subject Re: firebird server and ib 6.0 client
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "tomjoad_71"
<acciarri_gianluca@h...> wrote:
> I'm planning to install firebird 1.5 on my server (5 processors with
> Win 2003 Server on).
> As before there was IB 6.0 can i use it on all my clients ? May i
> have some problems ? (in my house test i didn't...)

IB6.0 gds32.dll contains some bugs fixed in FB1 one. For example
nasty bug with subsequent execution of few stored procedures with
different amount of parameters within one transaction context. BTW,
IBX's workaround for this bug can damage your data. The best client
for a moment is FB1 one and I access FB1.5 server with it without any
problems. Have'nt heard about contra-indications for it's usage with
IB6 server but did'nt tried myself. FB1.5 is still in RC stage and I
would'nt recommend it's usage in production systems. It's current
(RC5) client have bug with thread safety.

> Will never Firebird support multiprocessors machine ?

FB Classic always supported SMP, but Classic was available for *nix
only. FB1.5 have Classic build for Win too. I can recommend to test it
in environment similar with your production one, release should be
really soon.

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