Subject Re: UNC to Interbase/Firebird requirement
Author mk_delphi
An easy workaround is to create a database on a server,
I call him alias.fdb in a well know position,(with two column,
one for an alias and one for the phisical location of the database)
than read from this database before opening data db in your client.

> Salvatore

Marco Kregar

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<s.besso@m...> wrote:
> hello,
> porting a thread from another forum where we were discussing how to
> resolve UNC paths into installers in peer to peer installations.
> I was asking how can the installer of the client part of the
> installation know the location of the database on the server
> it's only a peer to peer network, not a real client/server).
> Supposing that the database path on MACHINE_A is:
> MACHINE_A:C:\MyCompany\MyApp\Database\Database.fdb
> and that the server part, including Firebird, is already installed
> and running, how can the client installer on MACHINE_B know of this
> path during setup?
> Now taking some quotes from Alan's reply:
> > the database should be on only one machine.. please!
> > The FBServer should be on only one machine.. please!
> of course :-)
> > All machines (including the one which has FBServer
> > installed) will point to this one machine...
> [snip]
> > Oh and the installer does not need to detect anything
> > here... the FBServer will resolve this path relative
> > to it's position.
> This is the obscure part :-) Ok, for the server installation there
> no problem, since I know where I'm installing the database, but for
> the client application? Should I use some Firebird API into the
> app to retrieve the location of the database, or is it the installer
> to resolve the location and put it into some registry location in
> client machine so that the client app can retrieve it when launched?
> Regards
> Salvatore