Subject UNC to Interbase/Firebird requirement
Author Salvatore Besso

porting a thread from another forum where we were discussing how to
resolve UNC paths into installers in peer to peer installations.

I was asking how can the installer of the client part of the
installation know the location of the database on the server (mmmh...,
it's only a peer to peer network, not a real client/server).

Supposing that the database path on MACHINE_A is:


and that the server part, including Firebird, is already installed up
and running, how can the client installer on MACHINE_B know of this
path during setup?

Now taking some quotes from Alan's reply:

> the database should be on only one machine.. please!
> The FBServer should be on only one machine.. please!

of course :-)

> All machines (including the one which has FBServer
> installed) will point to this one machine...


> Oh and the installer does not need to detect anything
> here... the FBServer will resolve this path relative
> to it's position.

This is the obscure part :-) Ok, for the server installation there is
no problem, since I know where I'm installing the database, but for
the client application? Should I use some Firebird API into the client
app to retrieve the location of the database, or is it the installer
to resolve the location and put it into some registry location in the
client machine so that the client app can retrieve it when launched?