Subject RE: [firebird-support] UNC to Interbase/Firebird requirement
Author Alan McDonald
> This is the obscure part :-) Ok, for the server installation there is
> no problem, since I know where I'm installing the database, but for
> the client application? Should I use some Firebird API into the client
> app to retrieve the location of the database, or is it the installer
> to resolve the location and put it into some registry location in the
> client machine so that the client app can retrieve it when launched?
> Regards
> Salvatore

If you know where you are installing the database for the server
installation as a custom addition to your default detup, then the setup
installer can also know where the database is other than perhaps the name of
the server.
I usually have aprefernces page which permits the user to select or type int
he name of the server. This info is provided by the admin person doing the
installs after hw has decided where the server is going to be.

Another way now is to use server aliases. You still need to know the
servername to provide each application installation but the alias can be
your invention and can be installed as a fixed part of your application
installation. Once your applicatoin knows the servername, it can request to
connect to the alias. The server resolves this alias and it can be anywhere
you want it to be from time to time. ie. you may change it some time later ,
then restart the server and from that time forward the new path is active.

There is no API for retrieving databases or paths to databases

Registry is a good place for your application to store servername and either
the alis or the full path (seen from the server)
The installer software can't resolve anything - the person installing
(installer) will be the only person to plug this path in.

Hope this helps