Subject Multiple CPU's best config ??
Author Paul Newman
We are in the process of buying a dedicated FB server.
We have developed a middle tier app (using KBMMW) that
uses FB 1.5. The intention is to have upto 1000 users
at any one time using the app.

We are considering buying a quad xeon 2ghz with 4 gb
ram and a raid 5 hd setup which would be used just as
the database server. I have read some conflicting
opinions however as to wheather not the classic server
is realy fit a stressed production environment or if
it realy only experimental. Could someone (or several
people :o) ) give me some real feedback of their
experience ?

What OS should we be using. We have no experience of
Linux but we are prepared to go on some courses to get
us in a possition to use it if that is going to give
noticeable speed/performance increases.

Neither have we any experience in developing a config
script for FB can anyone help here ?

Thank you in advance

Paul Newman

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