Subject RE: [firebird-support] Multiple CPU's best config ??
Author Leyne, Sean

> We are in the process of buying a dedicated FB server.
> We have developed a middle tier app (using KBMMW) that
> uses FB 1.5. The intention is to have upto 1000 users
> at any one time using the app.

Can you give some idea of what the 'average' user will be doing via the

> I have read some conflicting
> opinions however as to wheather not the classic server
> is realy fit a stressed production environment or if
> it realy only experimental.

That comment was made specifically about the ***Windows*** Classic

The Linux Classic build is a proven workhorse.

The Windows build was 'reanimated' after being dormant since the IB 4.x
days, when it was replaced in favor od the SuperServer build.