Subject Re: Different Versions of FireBird
Author Fabrice Aeschbacher

Quick and dirty answer: if you don't know, use SuperServer for
windows, and ClassicServer for linux.

Then, read this:

For the embedded version:
"The embedded server is a fully functional server linked as a dynamic
library (fbembed.dll). It has exactly the same features as the usual
server and exports the standard Firebird API entrypoints"


--- In, Anand <akashelkar@y...>
> We are presently using Firebird 1.0, and planning to download
> and try out the RC 4.0. However there are a number of versions
> to download, and I would be grateful if someone here clarified
> their uses for me. So what are the Classic, the SuperServer and
> the Embedded Server versions of Firebird? What are their
> distinctions and under what situations is each of them more
> suited than the rest?
> Thanks in advance for any tips and suggestions,
> Anand
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