Subject Re: Different Versions of FireBird
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Anand <akashelkar@y...>
> We are presently using Firebird 1.0, and planning to download
> and try out the RC 4.0. However there are a number of versions
> to download, and I would be grateful if someone here clarified
> their uses for me. So what are the Classic, the SuperServer and
> the Embedded Server versions of Firebird? What are their
> distinctions and under what situations is each of them more
> suited than the rest?
> Thanks in advance for any tips and suggestions,

Anand, Superserver - higher performance if many users simultaneously
perform similar simple queries (common cashe effect) but low load
ability - one heavy query can consume all resources and stop other
users, in case of crash all connections are affected, no SMP support.
Classic - each connection is served by separated server process, more
RAM required for every process personal cashe, general performance
rather worse due to cashes syncronization when data is modified, heavy
query don't stop other users, effective usage of multyprocessor
systems, crash of one process don't affect others. More detailed
description of architercural differences you can find at Embedded - for desktop applications, client and
local server in one dll.

Best regards, Alexander.