Subject connection actively refused
Author Markus Ostenried
Hi all,

I'm trying to install firebird on a webserver that has suse linux 8.1
pre-installed. I've tried the following firebird versions:

I uninstalled previous versions with YaST2. Then I did "rpm --install
<package file>".

From a SSH console I can connect locally using this ISQL command:
connect /usr/local/firebird/examples/employee.gdb;

But if I put "localhost" or the server's ip address in front of the
connection string I get the message
"failed to establish a connection, connection actively refused". I get the
same error when connecting from a windows machine using Jason's IB_SQL.
Specifying username and password doesn't help neither.

I don't have any firewall running on the server. The problem seems to be
that the server process isn't started but I don't know why. I've checked the
config files for inetd and xinetd and they look exactly like it's described in
the readme file. The server process won't start even after a reboot of the
linux machine.

I've followed all steps in the README.user.troubleshooting file but I still
cannot connect using a hostname or ip address in the connection string.

Any hints are welcome.