Subject Re: [firebird-support] Novell Support
Author Daniel Rail

At August 12, 2003, 14:00, Kevin Stanton wrote:

> Novell 5.1. I think I can convince the customer (very small site - 3 PCs)
> to use TCP/IP on a peer-to-peer and he is talking about purchasing a windows
> server.

If he's talking about buying a Windows server, using Firebird might
help you customer make the decision quicker. All my customers are on
Windows, and I have had some switching from Novell to Windows.

> I would love to start using Linux but have just started the learning curve.

I know what you mean. I still have to setup a permanent Linux server
to experiment myself and be comfortable with it, before giving that
solution to my clients.

> I also rely heavily on FreeUDFLib (however I think there is a Linux port?).

You can find it on IB Phoenix in the Contributed section.

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