Subject Re: initial connection taking too long
Author dixonepperson
Thanks all. I changed the db extension to FDB. Didn't really help
much. I've made sure indexing and the firewall in XP were turned
off. I changed the antivirus to exclude scanning on this folder (on
both the client and the server), nothing really seems to be helping

I have downloaded the fb1.5 but a really nervous about the change

What will I need to do besides install. I've written my client app
in delphi7, using ibx and I also use ibconsole. will I be able to
just install 1.5 and go on. The database has just started receiving
live data, so I really need to avoid a FUBAR.


> Apart from the .GDB extension issue (use .FDB for your
> which also hits accesses to ISC4.GDB (for which you can do
> except upgrading to FB 1.5), FB 1.03 contains a fix back-ported
> FB 1.5. Connections where artificially slowed down due
to a
> ill-behaving loop.
> So FB 1.03 will improve your experience assuming you at least
> your databases .FDB and *not* .GDB. But FB 1.5 will really please
> with its speed of connection. I had to drop a connection
> mechanism in one app when moving from FB 1.0 to FB 1.5. The
> pooling was overkill compared to the lightspeed connections of FB
> --
> Best regards,
> Olivier Mascia